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A Midsummer Tempest

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A Midsummer Tempest

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Author: Poul Anderson
Publisher: Doubleday, 1974

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate History (Fantasy)
Historical Fantasy
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Suppose every event in history had at least two causes...and led to and from a separate universe in space and time. Then there would be an infinity of alternate worlds. Imagine a world in which every word written by Shakespeare was literally true. A world in which Prince Rupert of the Rhine could fight to save Charles I of England and escape the Puritans by hopping a railroad locomotive, on the right track but 200 years before its time. A world in which an aging Caliban could pace the lonely shore, yearning for the return of his lost love, Miranda. And where all these universes, and more, intersected, there lay a tavern where infinite possibilities met---if only for a night!


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A Midsummer Tempest

- justifiedsinner
A Midsummer Tempest

- spoltz


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