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Day of the Minotaur

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Day of the Minotaur

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Author: Thomas Burnett Swann
Publisher: Ace Books, 1966
Series: The Minotaur Trilogy: Book 3

1. Cry Silver Bells
2. The Forest of Forever
3. Day of the Minotaur

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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It is the Dawn of Time. Dryads, Centaurs, and winged Thriae still dwell in the world of Men, practicing their ancient rites in the seclusion of the Country of the Beasts. But when the allure of the Dryads ensnares the King, two half-Beast children are brought into the Land of Men. In the glittering palace of Knossos they grow to youthful beauty... and then come the dread Achaeans, and it is the Day of the Minotaur.

The Minotaur Trilogy was written out of order.


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Day of the Minotaur

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