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The Fall of Sirius

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The Fall of Sirius

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Author: Wil McCarthy
Publisher: Roc, 1996
Series: Aggressor Six: Book 2

1. Aggressor Six
2. The Fall of Sirius

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Waisters never forget an enemy...

When the vast armada of Waister starships had swept through human space, destroying entire star systems as they came, Malyene Andreivne alone possessed the initiative to save a desperate few in cryostasis. But that was 2,000 years ago...

Now she has been awakened from her epic slumber, and everything she once knew has long since turned to dust. What's more, the strange beings who wrenched her back from timelessness are the descendants of a union once considered unthinkable - half human, half Waister. And as Malye struggles to understand the unlikely inhabitants of her new world, they all face a crisis that none of them may survive - for the dreaded Waister ships are returning...

Set millennia later, in the same universe as the highly accliamed Aggressor Six.


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