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The River Wall

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The River Wall

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Author: Randall Garrett
Vicki Ann Heydron
Publisher: Bantam Books, 1986
Series: Gandalara: Book 7
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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After a meteor explosion, Rikardon wakes in a new body and in a strange desert land named Gandalara, where he must uncover his purpose--and survive to outwit his enemies...

Tarani is the new High Lord of Eddarta, and she intends to end its tradition of slavery and corruption. But before Tarani's rule begins in earnest, she and Rikardon have a mission to complete in Raithskar, where a mindgifted Lord known as Ferrathyn is using the Ra'ira's powers to manipulate the ape-like vineh. The once majestic city is overrun by chaos and fear, and Ferrathyn's ambition extends far beyond Raithskar.

But another threat is looming, different and more terrifying than any they've encountered before. In the wake of a major earthquake, Rikardon finally discovers the origin of his new homeland and the reason he was brought here as Ricardo Carillo many months ago. Every battle and hard-won alliance have been leading to this: a race to save a mighty civilization from destruction, and forge a new future for Gandalara...


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