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Author: Gary Gibson
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books, 2021

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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An alien world teeming with deadly life. And fifteen strangers with no idea how or why they came to be there.

From the moment Sam Newman and fourteen others awaken inside metal coffins next to the burning wreckage of a spacecraft, they face a constant struggle to stay alive on a seemingly uninhabited planet light-years from home.

Worse, the last any of them remember, they were back home on Earth - at a time when interstellar travel was little more than a distant pipe dream.

Survival means finding out who - or what - brought them to this place. Yet what few answers they find amidst the steaming jungles and the ruins of that distant world defy all logic or sanity, and it soon becomes clear something has gone terribly wrong...

...something that could mean humanity's survival - or its extinction.


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Travel to new planets! Meet interesting alien...

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