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The Weird Colonial Boy

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The Weird Colonial Boy

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Author: Paul Voermans
Publisher: Gollancz, 1993

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate/Parallel Universe
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drongo n. Austral. gangling ninny: wittering, spot-faced pillock: you're a total bloody drongo. Nigel Donohoe. See chookfeatures.

That's Nigel Donohoe. His only, lonely passions are music - it's 1978 and the Sex Pissols are riding high and tropical fish.

Nigel's life is changed utterly when he buys a rare kind of swordtail and discovers that one of them is flitting in and out of reality, Bet where does she go when she's not in her fishtank? In a spirt of exploration and adventure Nigel discovers a way of following the fish - and finds himself in a different world...

He's still in Australia. It's still 1978. But who is this English King Rupert at war with the European Community? How come everyone's looking at Nigel so strangely?

And why are there bloodstained flogging posts here? In this Australia there's no punk music, no Clearasil. There are prison camps and public executions. Understanding it all could mean the death sentence for a drungo like Nigel...

A wonderfully black comedy of an Australia that could never, ever have been...


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