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G. Newnes

G. Newnes

Founded: 1891
Founded by: Sir George Newnes


Arguably Sir George Newnes' best known publication was The Strand Magazine, begun in 1891, in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was first able to publish his Sherlock Holmes mystery series. He also founded other magazine titles, including The Westminster Gazette (1873),The Wide World Magazine (1888), and Country Life (1897). In 1891 his publishing business was formed into a company that bore his name, George Newnes Ltd. The company was reconstructed in 1897 with a capital of 1,000,000 pounds, and began the publication of books. George Newnes Ltd continued publishing long after his death, with magazines such as Practical Mechanics and Practical Television. In 1963, the company became part of IPC Media, now a branch of Time Warner's publishing arm, Time Incorporated. Today books under the Newnes imprint continue to be published by Elsevier.

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Authors Published

• Herbert Wells  • Arthur Doyle  • Edith Bland