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Kerry Greenwood

The Broken Wheel

'Three Days' Aftermath: Book 1

Kerry Greenwood

After the Three Days disaster stripped the earth with fire, the people who were left formed groups to survive. There were the Travellers, who traded in small goods and stores. There were the medieval role players still carrying on such traditions in a place called Thorngard. There were the damaged tree men and the lost children. There was the Tribe, a loose gathering of nomads. And the city held the Breakers, the Children of the Broken Wheel, who destroyed every machine more complex than an egg timer, because the machines had brought catastrophe to the world. Out along the road, Sarah, a Child of the Breaker, encounters the Travellers in an attempt to save the world from a last final obliteration.


'Three Days' Aftermath: Book 2

Kerry Greenwood

Fourteen year old telepath, Alain, learns that he must stop the Great Beast from destroying Whaleroad and thus gaining unimaginable powers of destruction.

Cave Rats

'Three Days' Aftermath: Book 3

Kerry Greenwood

When Tehan is rescued from the sewers by Gwyn and the Travellers, he finds himself part of the New Revelation led by the courageous Prophet Sarah. As one of the city's few empaths, Tehan is recruited by the Prophet to help find the child of the Voice. Suddenly Tehan finds himself running in a race against time. Can he save the city from a force that threatens to destroy everything the Children of the Broken Wheel have fought so desperately to call their own?


'Three Days' Aftermath: Book 4

Kerry Greenwood

When Sasha investigates the takeover of the town's university by shaven-headed, rebel students, he discovers that the real power lies in the Management - a faceless group with immense power and its own army of guards. Sasha longs to bring down the Management and restore order to the university, but first he must gain the trust and support of the dangerous Xanthippe of Gan Edan and the Mother Abbess of the Convent of St Mary McKillop. And then he must discover the identity of the spy who is leaking everyone's secrets...

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