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H. Rider Haggard

Eric Brighteyes

Forgotten Fantasy: Book 2

H. Rider Haggard

The Saga of Eric Brighteyes is the title of an epic viking novel. It concerns the adventures of its eponymous principal character in 10th century Iceland. Eric Thorgrimursson (nicknamed 'Brighteyes' for his most notable trait), strives to win the hand of his beloved, Gudruda the Fair. Her father Asmund, a priest of the old Norse gods, opposes the match, thinking Eric a man without prospects. But deadlier by far are the intrigues of Swanhild, Gudruda's half-sister and a sorceress who desires Eric for herself. She persuades the chieftain Ospakar Blacktooth to woo Gudrida, making the two men enemies. Battles, intrigues, and treachery follow.

Heart of the World

Forgotten Fantasy: Book 10

H. Rider Haggard

Don Ignacio, the last heir of Guatemoc and the ruler of the Aztec Empire before Cortes, is bequeathed half of an emerald meant to identify him as successor to the rightful Aztec sovereign. Accompanied by his Inglese friend James Strickland, and guided by the beautiful Maya, they travel to the City of the Heart, an ancient city hidden in the mountains. Along the Way, the indian princess and the white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings.

Set mostly in Central America in the 1870s, this is one of Haggard's more interesting romantic adventure novels.

Nada the Lily

Forgotten Fantasy: Book 20

H. Rider Haggard

Nada the Lily is set at the time of Chaka, the Zulu king, around whom much of the action turns, but essentially the book is the story of Umslopogaas, and of "his love for Nada, the most beautiful of Zulu women." They have been brought up as brother and sister but Umslopogaas is really Chaka's son. It is narrated by Mopo the father of Nada and witch doctor to Chaka, whom Chaka had vowed never to slay because he saved the life of Chaka and his mother when they were outcast wanderers.

During the course of the novel Umslopogaas teams up with Galazi the Wolf, who lives on Ghost Mountain and has power over a spectral wolf pack. The story ends tragically when Nada, fleeing the wrath of Dingaan following the assassination of Chaka, takes refuge in a cave on the mountain. Galazi dies in her defence but the cave proves her tomb as she is unable to open the stone door she closed behind her.

The Spirit of Bambatse

Forgotten Fantasy: Book 22

H. Rider Haggard

In an adventure mingling romance and the supernatural, the clairvoyant heroine Benita assists in a hunt for a lost Portuguese treasure buried in the Transvaal.

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