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Jim Rook: Book 1

Graham Masterton

Jim Rook, a remedial teacher, is able to see ghosts and other spirits. When one of his pupils is arrested for murder, Jim is sure he saw Tee Jay's corrupt uncle Umber at the scene. Umber used a voodoo out-of-body technique, so Jim uses the same technique to challenge Umber.

Tooth and Claw

Jim Rook: Book 2

Graham Masterton

College teacher Jim Rook has a special talent: a near-death experience in childhood gave him the facility to see ghosts and spirits that nobody else can see.Into his remedial English class at West Grove Community College comes Susan White Bird, the daughter of a Navajo Indian. Susan is beautiful and shy, but all her life she has been closely protected by her two older brothers, Sam and George. And when college senior Brad Dolman takes a fancy to Susan, there are frightening consequences. Brad's body is found one morning in his automobile, his face and body terribly mutilated - almost as if he has been attacked by a wild animal - and it is Susan's brothers who are immediately arrested.

Only when two more students are attacked do the police realise that the brothers are innocent, and that there is something terrible lurking around the college campus... something that threatens to transform Susan into the most horrific creature known to Navajo myth. And there is only one man who can save her, a man who can see the oncoming danger - Jim Rook.

It is now left to Jim and his engaging class of slow-lane students to face a shattering confrontation between the cultures of new and ancient America.

The Terror

Jim Rook: Book 3

Graham Masterton

A new student joins Jim Rook's Special Class II for remedial English, a young Mexican boy called Rafael Diaz. He seems pleasant enough at first and fits into the group nicely, but this is probably due to the fact that he's offering to rid the other pupils of all their deepest, darkest fears by way of an ancient Mayan cleansing ritual.


Jim Rook: Book 4

Graham Masterton

A young boy, Jack Hubbard, joins Rook's remedial English class while his father is completing a film about his epic journey across Alaska. Shortly after his arrival, five students are found dead.


Jim Rook: Book 5

Graham Masterton

He recognizes her voice, but she is hysterical. She has no one else to turn to. Her son has been killed, drowned, but the murderer has left no trace. Her distraught tears shake him to his core - he must help, if he can. She says that the child was a victim of a vengeful spirit. She says that the police believe she is insane.


Jim Rook: Book 6

Graham Masterton

A spate of unexplained fires spreads across Los Angeles, killing indiscriminately, tearing up the city, destroying people's faith. There seems to be no probable cause for the fires. Arson and murder are not suspected but surely they can't have been started by something as fanciful as spontaneous combustion. Can they?

Jim Rook, newly returned from a disastrous sojourn in Washington DC, is called upon to assist with the LAPD's investigation. The police hope that Rook, a special needs teacher with the rare ability to see demons and spirits, can look past the facts of each case and come up with some answers. Meanwhile, a mysterious portrait hung over the fireplace of Rook's new apartment sends him and his remedial English class off on an investigation into the past, where a myth about photography and the human soul seems unwilling to be forgotten. Could this really be the link he's looking for?

Demon's Door

Jim Rook: Book 7

Graham Masterton

Remedial English teacher and psychic Jim Rook has been feeling out of sorts all summer, and on the first day of the Fall semester he runs over and kills his pet cat, Tiddles. But halfway through his first class, enigmatic new Korean student Kim Dong Wook arrives... with a gift: a basket containing Tiddles, alive once more. The Korean spirit Kwisin, Jim is told, is saying "thank you" in advance. But what for? Jim can't help but feel deeply uneasy...

Garden of Evil

Jim Rook: Book 8

Graham Masterton

Jim Rook gets the shock of his life when he returns for a new semester to find something more than unpleasant in his classroom. Jim Rook, remedial English teacher and psychic, knows it's going to be a bad day. He nearly runs over someone dressed entirely in black - but why did they walk right in the middle of the college driveway? And who just walks off into the fog after nearly being run over? But when a splash of blood appears on a questionnaire Jim realizes that his day isn't going to be merely bad: it's going to be the day from hell. Perhaps quite literally...