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The Legion of Space

Legion of Space: Book 1

Jack Williamson

The Legion of Space, the fate of the universe is in their hands....

They are the Legion, fighters of the Revolution, sworn to defend the new democracy against all foes. But an alien solar system threatens the human planets with terror, deadly treason, and the conquering Medusae - slimy, tentacled, merciless.

Now John Star and his Legionnaires must rescue the beautiful woman who guards AKKA - The ultimate, the only weapon that can save the Universe... if they survive the Belt of Peril, where death and madness lurk!

The Cometeers

Legion of Space: Book 2

Jack Williamson

In this, the second of Jack Williamson's Legion of Space series, the reader will encounter such marvels as a spaceship twelve million miles long... the secret weapon that controls the universe... a superhuman traitor to all mankind... and of course, the greatest trio of swashbuckling adventurers in all of science fiction, the Legionnaires of Space themselves.

Thrill to their breathtaking adventures as they defy mortal peril and fantastic danger in the fight against the dread powers of the invincible Cometeers and a monstrous threat to the security of the Solar System...

One Against the Legion

Legion of Space: Book 3

Jack Williamson


"I am omnipotent and omniscient. I want every man on every planet to shudder and grow pale when he thinks of Me. For I have suffered fross injuries that must be avenged..."

This cryptic message--and a loathsome serpentine trademark--were the only clues the Legion had to the identity of Mankind's most evasive and horrible enemy. Meanwhile, He/It had meticulously begun to destroy the world...

The Queen of the Legion

Legion of Space: Book 4

Jack Williamson

She was a woman whose secret gift challenged the deadly serets of the Great Hawkshead Nebula!

The Legion of Time

Legion of Space: Book 5

Jack Williamson

Contains two short stories in the Legion Universe: The Legion of Time and Aftwer World's End.

The hope of a future utopia hangs literally on a thread of probability. Instead, armageddon lies almost certainly in the future of humanity. Only the Legion of Time can alter the future course of history. Only Denny Lanning can decisively help them. But to do so, he must first die--for the Legion is composed of dead men--and second, he must kill one of the two women that he loves. . .

After World's End, a short novel, is another saga of time-adventure, also included in this volume. An American astronaut helplessly orbits the solar system as millennia pass. And on Earth, humanity's bright future is destoryed by war with an enemy they themselves created.