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Night Warriors

Night Warriors: Book 1

Graham Masterton

The Night Warriors are a group of ordinary people who face extraordinary challenges. By entering people's dreams they confront evil head-on--which, in this case, presents itself in the form of legendary devil, Yaomauitl whom they must defeat to save the waking world from wide-scale catastrophe.

Death Dream

Night Warriors: Book 2

Graham Masterton

A sequel to "Night Warriors". John and Jennifer are Californian yuppies. John's son by his first marriage is disturbed because he witnessed his mother being murdered by an intruder, and it becomes apparent that he is a conduit for evil forces which fight for the control of human minds.

Night Plague

Night Warriors: Book 3

Graham Masterton

The third book in the Night Warriors series opens with the horrific rape of American concert violinist, Stanley Eisner whilst on a visit to London. Eisner is infected with the night plague, a disease which twists men's souls into madness. Once again, the Night Warriors come to the rescue. Their task, to protect humanity from evil. This time they come up against Isabel Gowdie, witch and mistress of Satan, entombed in the English countryside for three centuries.

Night Wars

Night Warriors: Book 4

Graham Masterton

They are five ordinary people, forced to do battle on the most terrifying field imaginable: the landscape of nightmares. They are the Night Warriors and only they can defeat the evil that has invaded our world through our dreams. Only they would even dare to try.

Two of the cruelest and most horrific apparitions ever seen are attempting to destroy our world by entering the dreams of expectant mothers. They bring with them armies of nightmare creatures, horrible beings that could only spring from someone's worst fears. It is against these demons, in an unreal world of terror, that the five Night Warriors must prepare to fight the Night Wars.

The Ninth Nightmare

Night Warriors: Book 5

Graham Masterton

The long awaited fifth novel in the Night Warriors series - When a thirteenth century monk was caught having a relationship with a married woman, his punishment was to have his arms and legs amputated. The Monk then turned against God and formed a sinister carnival of clowns and freaks, determined to corrupt everyone who saw them. However, when the pope goes after them, their only escape is into the world of the dreams. Eight hundred years later a serial killer finds a way to realize the carnival again. The Night Warriors are the world's only hope.