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Issui Ogawa

Speculative Japan 2: The Man Who Watched the Sea and Other Tales of Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy

Speculative Japan: Book 2

Issui Ogawa
Yasumi Kobayashi

The second book of the groundbreaking Speculative Japan series, this volume presents a selection of never-before published translations covering a broad range of speculative fiction... from gritty SF to soft fantasy, it offers glimpses into the diverse and rich imaginations of modern Japanese authors.

"...the stories you'll find collected here will broaden your view of what is possible or imaginable, provoking unusual -- and sometimes uncomfortable -- thoughts. That is as it should be."
--David Brin, preface to Speculative Japan Volume 1

While the first volume in the Speculative Japan series concentrated on outstanding works from authors positioned solidly in the SF field, we have deliberately widened the scope of this volume to include stories that are a bit outside the usual definition of "science fiction", choosing instead to concentrate on "speculative" in an attempt to explore a bit of the immense universe of the Japanese imagination. Most of these authors are appearing in English for the first time, and are sure to open up new dimensions in reading pleasure in a variety of genres.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Darrell Schweitzer
  • A Gift from the Sea - short fiction by Awa Naoko
  • Freud - short fiction by To Enjo
  • The Whale That Sang on the Milky Way Network - short fiction by Ohara Mariko
  • Old Vohl's Planet - short fiction by Ogawa Issui
  • The Big Drawer - short fiction by Riku Onda
  • Emanon: A Reminiscence - short fiction by Kajio Shinji
  • Midst the Mist - short fiction by Koji Kitakuni
  • The Man Who Watched the Sea - short fiction by Kobayashi Yasumi
  • Melk's Golden Acres - short fiction by Takagi Nobuko
  • Q-Cruiser Basilisk - short fiction by Tani Koshu
  • Mountaintop Symphony - short fiction by Nakai Norio
  • Open Up - short fiction by Hori Akira
  • Perspective - short fiction by Yamao Yuko

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