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A. A. Attanasio

The Dragon and the Unicorn

The Perilous Order of Camelot: Book 1

A. A. Attanasio

A queen, a pilgrim, a demon - and a king with a world to save.

Beneath every beloved legend there is a deeper legend still, etched in ancient stone. The Dragon and the Unicorn begins before the beginning of Time, as light first cools to matter, bearing within it the electron glow of lost Heaven. Attanasio's epic tale of a quest for immortality spans all history, human and demihuman, from the dung fires on the steppes to the snows of the Himalayas, from the mudhut cities on the Euphrates to the glass and steel towers of tomorrow, from the hunt for the Unicorn's horn to the ceaseless wars of elf and dragon, Celt and Roman. It is a quest that ends - and begins - in a legend-heavy place at the edge of the Western Sea, with the first cry of a King new born. A place called Tintagel. A King, the heir Pendragon, called Eagle of Thor, or... Arthur.

The Eagle and the Sword

The Perilous Order of Camelot: Book 2

A. A. Attanasio

Attanasio continues The Perilous Order of Camelot, the epic fantasy series begun in The Dragon and the Unicorn, with the story of young Arthor on his journey to Camelot. When Merlin discovers that Arthor's only joy is killing, he vows to turn the youth around with a magical sword.

Merlinus has fostered the future king of Britain with Kyner, a Celtic chieftain, protected by obscurity from the jealous hatred of the sorceress Morgeu. As Arthor grows to manhood, though, he becomes a twisted creature, loving violence and hating himself. What kind of king will he be? A chance journey leading to woodland encounters shapes his character and settles his destiny.

Arthor's story is a single thread in a vast, complex web of gods, demons, angels, a sorceress, a unicorn, a carpenter with a wish, a dragon, Saxons, an impoverished Aquitanian lady with a secret weapon, battle-hardened Celtic chieftains and treacherous Roman nobles, knights, warring religions, and fairies. A. A. Attanasio's metaphysics, marvels, and magic will keep your interest and suspense high.

The Wolf and the Crown

The Perilous Order of Camelot: Book 3

A. A. Attanasio

The Warrior King Arthor, Eagle of Thor, must lead his people not only against their own ancient sorceries, but against the worldly empire that would make Britain's destiny a footnote to its own. Already rolling on the roads from Tintagel to Camelot is the great wheel that will become the Round Table.

But the perilous order promised by Arthor's victory is threatened by forces beyond human ken. For Merlin has descended into Hell, to fend with the Fire Lords who give the Universe its shimmering form. And for the young king himself, there is a sacred Grail, and an Earthly love, to seek.

The Serpent and the Grail

The Perilous Order of Camelot: Book 4

A. A. Attanasio

The boy-king Arthor has beaten back the berserker wolf warriors of the Saxon god, uniting his island kingdom -- but at a terrible cost. For the Grail, the chalice of the Last Supper and the magical shield of Britain, has been stolen.

Without the Grail's protection, Britain lies parched and barren, a demon-haunted landscape where sulfurous vapors taint ther air. To find the Grail, Arthor's mother, Ygrane, must strike a dark bargain with Bright Night, elf-prince of the "pale people,"in the hollow hills. Merlin must use his magic to show the way. But it is Arthor himself who must confront the Serpent, Sword in hand.

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