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Roger Zelazny

Tor Double #12: He Who Shapes / The Infinity Box

Tor Double: Book 12

Roger Zelazny
Kate Wilhelm

He Who Shapes:

Charles Render is a shaper, one of a small number of psychotherapists qualified, by his granite will and ultra-stability, to use the extraordinary device that enables him to to participate in, and control, his patients' dreams. But this is a dangerous therapy for the therapist and only his armour-plated integrity protects Render from too deep an involvement in the mental worlds of the damaged people he seeks to help. But then, Eileen Shallot, another therapist who is blind, asks him to help her 'see' by transferring from his mind to hers a world of colour and light. Render agrees but suddenly finds himself obsessed with Eileen and drawn into fantasies which, she controls.

The Infinity Box:

Suppose you could enter the mind of a beautiful woman; see what she sees, feel what she feels, and control her completely.

Tor Double #21: Home is the Hangman / We, In Some Strange Power's Employ

Tor Double: Book 21

Roger Zelazny
Samuel R. Delany

Home is the Hangman::

A sentient space-exploration robot, lost years before, has apparently returned to Earth. One of its original designers has died under suspicious circumstances. Has the Hangman returned to kill its creators? The hero must find the Hangman and stop it, and time is running out.

We, In Some Strange Power's Employ, Move On A Rigorous Line:

This is the story of a group of futuristic outlaw bikers who don't want to join the world order symbolized by Global Power's electric grid.

Tor Double #24: Elegy For Angels And Dogs / The Graveyard Heart

Tor Double: Book 24

Walter Jon Williams
Roger Zelazny

Elegy For Angels And Dogs:

A sequal to The Graveyard Heart: Decades later, the Set survives, still powerful, still glittery, still coolly apart from the common man. But history, all but unnoticed by these ageless celebrants, has brought war to the Solar System, along with incredible new scientific developments. Lamoral aspires to seize control of the Set, but how long can any of them afford to ignore the ever-changing future through which they dance?

The Graveyard Heart:

Decadent and aloof, the Part Set are the ultimate "in" crowd, cheating time via cryogenic cold-bunks, waking only for their spectacular entertainments and private scandals. What a way to live! Alvin Moore wants in, partly for the prestige, partly for the love of the beautiful Leota. But even as he schemes to win the approval of the Set, he has no idea of the intrigues, betrayals, and heartbreak that await him. For in a society without time, without want, the pursuit of pleasure can be a deadly business...

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