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Alan Moore
Dave Gibbons

It all begins with the paranoid delusions of a half-insane hero called Rorschach. But is Rorschach really insane or has he in fact uncovered a plot to murder super-heroes and, even worse, millions of innocent civilians? On the run from the law, Rorschach reunites with his former teammates in a desperate attempt to save the world and their lives, but what they uncover will shock them to their very core and change the face of the planet! Following two generations of masked superheroes from the close of World War II to the icy shadow of the Cold War comes this groundbreaking comic story - the story of The Watchmen.

The Star Conquerors

Watchmen: Book 1

Ben Bova

Geoffrey Knowland, brilliant young Star Watch officer, is in command of the Terran Confederation's all-out battle against the mysterious Masters, rulers of the Milky Way galaxy.

For untold millions of years the star clusters in galactic space have been under the Masters' control. Now, in an attempt to save Earth and the Terran Confederation, a desperate counterattack is underway to break the domination of the enemy.

Jeff knows that the Terrans fought and lost another interstellar war aginst an ancient enemy known only as the Others. The Terrans were crushed, their civilization wiped out, and Jeff fears the Masters are the Others, returned to conquer man again.

This unusual story takes you deep into the galaxy, far beyond our solar system, to worlds seldom explored by science fiction writers. Jeff and his friend Alan Bakerman, an escapee from life under the Masters, travel the vast distances of space and touch upon the homeworlds of many races, both human and nonhuman.

Star Watchman

Watchmen: Book 2

Ben Bova

Emil Vorgens is a Junior Star Watch Officer who is torn between his desire to seek a peaceful resolution and obey his superior's instructions to use force when he is sent to the planet of Shinar to deal with rebellious activities.

The Dueling Machine

Watchmen: Book 3

Ben Bova

At first, the dueling machine seemed like a benign or even a helpful invention, allowing people to blow off steam and solve conflicts in a virtual reality-like environment. But before long, an evil tyrant discovers a way to use the device to inflict real and lasting harm on participants. Will the intrepid scientist who invented the technology be able to stop him before it's too late?