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Matthew Hughes

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Matthew Hughes

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Full Name: Matthew Hughes
Born: May 27, 1949
Liverpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Occupation: Writer, Journalist, Speechwriter
Nationality: Canadian


Matthew Hughes writes science-fantasy. His alter ego, Matt Hughes, writes crime fiction. A personality fragment, Hugh Matthews, writes media tie-ins.

His novels are Downshift (Doubleday Canada, 1997), Fools Errant and Fool Me Twice (Warner Aspect, 2001), Black Brillion (Tor, 2004), Majestrum (Night Shade Books, 2006), Wolverine: Lifeblood (Pocket Books, 2007), The Commons (Robert J. Sawyer Books, 2007), The Spiral Labyrinth (Night Shade Books, 2007), Template (PS Publishing, 2008 and Paizo Publishing, 2010), and Hespira (Night Shade Books, 2009), Hell and Back: The Damned Busters (Angry Robot Books, 2011) The Other (Underland Press, 2011), Out of the Blue, (Paizo Publishing, 2011), Hell and Back: Costume Not Included (Angry Robot Books, 2012).

His short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's, Asimov's, Blue Murder, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Postscripts, Storyteller, Interzone and a number of "Year's Best" anthologies. Night Shade Books published his short story collection, The Gist Hunter and Other Stories, in 2005.

Quartet & Triptych, the first in a series of novella chapbooks, featuring Hughes's far-future master criminal, Luff Imbry, was published by PS Publishing in 2010. The second title, The Yellow Cabochon, will appear in 2011.

Formerly a journalist, he became staff speechwriter to the Canadian Ministers of Justice and Environment in the Pierre Trudeau government of 1974-79, then spent more than twenty-five years as a freelance speechwriter for Canadian corporate executives and political leaders. At present, he is seeing the world while augmenting a fiction writer's uncertain income by housesitting.

He has won the Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada, and has been short-listed for the Aurora, Nebula and Derringer Awards.

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