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C. I. Defontenay

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C. I. Defontenay

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Full Name: Charlemagne Ischir Defontenay
Born: February 16, 1819
Cahaignes, France
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: French


C.I. Defontenay (1819-1856) was the pseudonym of French science fiction writer Charlemagne Ischir Defontenay. Defontenay's 1854 Star, ou Psi Cassiopea is seen by some as an example of proto-space opera. Others see Defontenay as a predecessor of Olaf Stapledon.

Defontenay's other accomplishments included being a pioneer in plastic surgery. He was a disciple of Fourier and Hoffman. His writings often display his philosophical kinship with those thinkers.

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 38. (1854)