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Star:  Psi Cassiopeia

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Star: Psi Cassiopeia

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Author: C. I. Defontenay
Publisher: Hollywood Comics, 2007
Gregg Press, 1976
Original French publication, 1854
Series: Gregg Press Science Fiction Series: Book 38
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Space Opera
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Eleven years before Jules Verne took his readers to the Moon, 40 years before Wells devised the Time Machine, nearly a century before Tolkien published Lord Of The Rings, Charles Defontenay wrote the imaginary history of an entire star system located in the far off constellation of Cassiopeia.

Long before science fiction writers dreamed of interstellar travels, alien races and the colonization of other planets, in 1854, on the eve of the Crimean War, Charles Defontenay penned the first modern "space opera".

STAR is a treasure chest of alien lore, the history of a world and its varied species, their rise and fall, triumphs and failures. It includes samples of their literature, arts and moral codes. Above all, it is a visionary work without precedent in the history of science fiction.

Star describes the discovery in the Himalayas of a stone that has fallen from the sky. After opening it, it turns out to contain a metal box where the narrator finds some paper manuscripts. After two years of study, he managed to decipher them and finds out that they describe the alien societies of various humanoid races living in the constellation of Cassiopeia.


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