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Stephen Deas

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Stephen Deas

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Full Name: Stephen Deas
Occupation: Author
Nationality: English


Stephen Deas also writes under the pen names of Nathan Hawke and Sam Peters

Stephen Deas, born in 1968 in Southeast England, is an English fantasy author. He is most famous for his fantasy opus, the Memory of Flames sequence, set in a fantasy world inhabited by dragons.

He was raised in a town full of army veterans. He has a bachelor's degree in theoretical physics at Cambridge University and had a job at BAE Systems, working as an electrical engineer in the aerospace and defence industries.He now lives near Writtle in Essex, writes full-time, and is married and has two children.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 The Dominion

 1. (2021)
 2. (2022)
 3. (2023)

 The Memory of Flames

 1. (2009)
 2. (2011)
 3. (2011)

 Silver Kings

 1. (2012)
 2. (2013)
 3. (2014)
 4. (2015)


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 2. (2011)
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