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Behold the Man

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Behold the Man

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Author: Michael Moorcock
Publisher: Overlook Press, 2007
Gollancz, 1999
Avon, 1970
Allison & Busby, 1969
Series: Karl Glogauer: Book 1

0. Behold the Man
1. Behold the Man
2. Breakfast in the Ruins

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Time Travel
Alternate History (SF)
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(197 reads / 113 ratings)


Karl Glogauer is a disaffected modern professional casting about for meaning in a series of half-hearted relationships, a dead-end job, and a personal struggle. His questions of faith surrounding his father's run-of-the-mill Christianity and his mother's suppressed Judaism lead him to a bizarre obsession with the idea of the messiah. After the collapse of his latest affair and his introduction to a reclusive physics professor, Karl is given the opportunity to confront his obsession and take a journey that no man has taken before, and from which he knows he cannot return. Upon arriving in Palestine, A.D. 29, Glogauer finds that Jesus Christ is not the man that history and faith would like to believe, but that there is an opportunity for someone to change the course of history by making the ultimate sacrifice.

First published in 1969, Behold the Man broke through science fiction's genre boundaries to create a poignant reflection on faith, disillusion and self-sacrifice. This is the classic novel that established the career of perhaps contemporary science fiction's most cerebral and innovative author.


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Behold the Man

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Behold the Man

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Behold the Man

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Behold the Man

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