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Paladin's Strength

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Paladin's Strength

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Author: T. Kingfisher
Publisher: Argyll Productions, 2021
Red Wombat Tea Company, 2021
Series: The Saint of Steel: Book 2

1. Paladin's Grace
2. Paladin's Strength

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Romantic Fantasy
Comic Fantasy
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He's a paladin of a dead god, tracking a supernatural killer across a continent. She's a nun from a secretive order, on the trail of the raiders who burned her convent and kidnapped her sisters.

When their paths cross at the point of a sword, Istvhan and Clara will be pitched headlong into each other's quests, facing off against enemies both living and dead. But Clara has a secret that could jeopardize the growing trust between them, a secret that will lead them to the gladiatorial pits of a corrupt city, and beyond...


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Paladin's Strength

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