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Myth Directions

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Myth Directions

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Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
Publisher: Ace Books, 1985
Starblaze, 1982
Series: Myth Adventures: Book 3
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The Great Game...

The Trophy is just about the ugliest piece of "art" that apprentice magician Skeeve has ever seen, but the beautiful Tananda wants to steal it for a special occasion.

Skeeve's not above indulging in a daring act of interdimensional thievery for a good cause and the chance of adventure, and he figures that between his abilities and Tanda's, the guardians of the Trophy won't stand a chance. That's where their plan goes horribly wrong. The Trophy is the sacred object of an ancient contention, the Great Game between two rival nations, and it's closely guarded by professional magicians. Tananda is caught in the act of attempting to steal it, and Skeeve must escape to seek help to free her.

To effect a rescue, Skeeve must recruit a team of his own to play the Game, taking on both opposing teams simultaneously--and he's got to win! It will take all of Skeeve's unproven magical talents and the devious mind of his scaley green mentor, Aahz, plus everything his strange crew of recruits can offer to beat the professionals at their own Game.


Present Danger...

"That's it," she said with sudden, impish glee.

"That's what?" I blinked.

"Aahz's birthday present," she proclaimed.

I peered down the street, wondering what she was looking at. "What is?" I asked.

"That statue," she said firmly.

"That statue?" I cried, unable to hide my horror.

"Of course," she nodded, "it's perfect. Aahz will have never seen one, much less owned one."

"How do you figure that?" I pressed.

"It's obviously one-of-a-kind," she explained. "I mean, who could make something like that twice?"

She had me there, but I wasn't about to give up the fight. "There's just one little problem. I'm no expert on psychology, but if that pack we just saw is any decent sample, I don't think the folks around here are going to be willing to sell us their pretty statue."

"Of course not, silly," she laughed, turning to her food again. "That's what makes it priceless. I never planned to buy Aahz's present."

"But if it isn't for sale, how do we get it?" I frowned, fearing the answer.

Tananda choked suddenly on her food. It took me a moment to realize she was laughing. "Oh, Skeeve," she gasped at last, "you're such a kidder."

"I am?" I blinked.

"Sure," she insisted, looking deep into my eyes. "Why do you think it was so important for you to come along on this trip? I mean, you've always said you wanted to be a thief."

Copyright © 1982 by Robert Lynn Asprin


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