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Another Fine Myth

Myth Adventures: Book 1

Robert Lynn Asprin

A Recipe for Myth-Adventure...

Skeeve is a magician's apprentice (and a wanna-be thief) until an assassin's bolt kills his master, Garkin. Along with Aahz, the green-scaled, purple-tongued demon and master magician summoned by Garkin, he sets out on a quest to get even. The road to vengeance is bound to prove rocky, however, because Skeeve can barely light a candle with his beginning magic, and Aahz has lost his own considerable magical abilities as a consequence of Garkin's summoning spell.

Before they can confront the power-mad wizard who ordered Garkin's assassination, they must survive a trip to a weird alternate dimension, encounters with Impish hit-men and a somewhat dull but persistent demon hunter who rides a friendly war unicorn, outwit a sharp-dealing Deevel, and deal with other uncanny enemies and even stranger friends... all without killing each other in the process!

Myth Conceptions

Myth Adventures: Book 2

Robert Lynn Asprin

A Myth-Adventure in Combat...

Having defeated the mad wizard, Isstvan, Skeeve and Aahz have taken over the remote inn that was the enemy's hideout. They're generally safe from visitors, and if not, Skeeve's growing magical abilities allow him to disguise himself and his friends as such repulsive serving staff that potential guests flee, screaming.

Skeeve has grown bored of studying magic at the isolated inn, however, and one visitor who does not flee offers him an invitation for employment as court magician in the kingdom of Possiltum. Seeing a chance for easy profit and a little on the job training for his apprentice, Aahz agrees.

Skeeve defeats the other applicants in a trial of magic to win the position, and that's when the fun really starts -- the pair find out they've actually been hired in lieu of a professional national army or mercenaries to defeat a huge military invasion! They've also been used as pawns in a game of influence between the king's advisors ... and General Badaxe is particularly unhappy that he got a magician for the kingdom's money instead of a few thousand soldiers.

Even if they win, they'll most likely be killed by one court faction or another.

What can a poor apprentice wizard and his demon teacher do?

#1 - Call on some good friends.

#2 - Cheat the odds.

#3 - Do whatever it takes to WIN!

Myth Directions

Myth Adventures: Book 3

Robert Lynn Asprin

The Great Game...

The Trophy is just about the ugliest piece of "art" that apprentice magician Skeeve has ever seen, but the beautiful Tananda wants to steal it for a special occasion.

Skeeve's not above indulging in a daring act of interdimensional thievery for a good cause and the chance of adventure, and he figures that between his abilities and Tanda's, the guardians of the Trophy won't stand a chance. That's where their plan goes horribly wrong. The Trophy is the sacred object of an ancient contention, the Great Game between two rival nations, and it's closely guarded by professional magicians. Tananda is caught in the act of attempting to steal it, and Skeeve must escape to seek help to free her.

To effect a rescue, Skeeve must recruit a team of his own to play the Game, taking on both opposing teams simultaneously--and he's got to win! It will take all of Skeeve's unproven magical talents and the devious mind of his scaley green mentor, Aahz, plus everything his strange crew of recruits can offer to beat the professionals at their own Game.

Hit or Myth

Myth Adventures: Book 4

Robert Lynn Asprin

Identity Crisis...

Skeeve is just settling into his duties as Court Magician of Possiltum and his training as sorcerer's apprentice to Aahz, his scaly green demon mentor, when Aahz is suddenly called back to his home dimension on family business. Skeeve figures he can handle things on his own for a while, but then King Roderick convinces Skeeve to use his powers of illusion to take the king's place while Roderick takes a little "vacation."

That's when Hemlock, the ruthless, ambitious queen of a powerful neighboring nation, turns up to fulfill her part in an arranged marriage with Roderick. Skeeve realizes that Roderick has taken a powder, leaving the hapless magician in his place to marry his homicidal fiancée. As if dealing with a potential Black Widow isn't trouble enough, representatives of Skeeve's old nemesis, the Mob, show up. They're determined to find out what happened to Big Julie's army, which they sent in a previous attempt to conquer Possiltum.

Without his mentor's help, Skeeve must solve the problem of the Runaway King, protect himself from the ardor and the threat of the Killer Queen, and finally face the wrath of Don Bruce, the Mob's fairy godfather--who makes Skeeve an offer he can't refuse!

Myth-ing Persons

Myth Adventures: Book 5

Robert Lynn Asprin

A Detective's Work...

Skeeve needs more than magic to solve a matter of Murder and Myth-tery.

He's in a real pickle this time. His green, scaly partner, Aahz, has disappeared, and it looks like foul play. Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve, especially with a sassy apprentice and a dumb-but-brawny bodyguard along for the ride. The trouble is, they're sleuthing in another dimension that makes the Bazaar on Deva look tame!

Little Myth Marker

Myth Adventures: Book 6

Robert Lynn Asprin

A Friendly Game...

It was just an innocent game of dragon poker. But soon Ogres were high, unicorns wild, and the pot was half a million!

Skeeve bluffs his way into a high-stakes game of dragon poker-and wins! But now he's left with Markie, a pint-sized IOU left by a player who went broke. She conjures up a house full of trouble every time she tries to cast a spell. And now the dragon poker champion has challenged Skeeve to a game-with a pot of half a million.

M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

Myth Adventures: Book 7

Robert Lynn Asprin

Multiple Myth-Perceptions!

M.Y.T.H. Inc. is experiencing growing pains. Everyone is trying to contribute, and getting used to being partners instead of employees, but any time you fool around with business or magik, things can get dangerous. The Great Skeeve, the boss of the organization, has had many adventures with his scaly green demon mentor, Aahz, but each of the partners has his or her own take on the operation, and each has a personal tale of Myth-Adventure to relate:

  • Guido's Tale
  • Chumley's Tale
  • Massha's Tale
  • Aahz's Tale
  • Gleep's Tale

Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections

Myth Adventures: Book 8

Robert Lynn Asprin

No Place Like Home!

Stranded in the myth-begotten world of Perv...

It's home to Ahaz, Skeeve's scaly green demon mentor and partner in crime, but it's no place for a human.

When Ahaz takes exception to something Skeeve says, he walks away from MYTH, Inc. and goes back to Perv. Skeeve realizes that he must apologize for his thoughtless behavior and convince his stubborn, thin-skinned cohort to rejoin the firm--and finds himself trapped in the most demonic dimension of them all!

M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action

Myth Adventures: Book 9

Robert Lynn Asprin

War Is Heck!

Guido and Nunzio may not be the brightest bodyguards in the world - but they certainly are faithful. When Skeeve "the Great" asks them to join the army of Possiltum, the two thugs volunteer without question...

Except: Whose side are they on?

Queen Hemlock's? The Mob's Fairy Godfather's? Skeeve's? The two baffled bodyguards barely have time to figure it all out - they've been handed government-issue crossbows, armored with leather skirts, and given combat orders by the dreaded drill sergeant Smiley!

With war heroes like these...who needs enemies?

Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Myth Adventures: Book 10

Robert Lynn Asprin

Skeeve is a powerful magician, and he always means well... but he is more than a bit naive when it comes to romance. And suddenly, he's drowning in a sea of romance! There's Bunny, the brilliant mob moll, Cassandra the friendly neighborhood vampire night club queen... and of course, there's the sexy but dangerously twisted Queen Hemlock.

Only one of his nubile suitors can assure his future--and maybe even keep him alive !

Myth-ion Improbable

Myth Adventures: Book 11

Robert Lynn Asprin

Skeeve is feeling rather restless and suddenly remembers the treasure map he bought on his last adventure. Knowing Aahz's lust for money, he shows him the map. Quicker than a Deveel at the Bazaar of Deva can take your possessions, they were off to find the Golden Cow! There were a few problems, aren't there always. Tanda decides that she is in on the hunt; for a share, of course.

Since Aahz is not too up on vortexes, just dimensions, they have to visit a Shifter at the Bazaar for directions-he/she/it gets a 5% cut of the treasure for each time they have to visit him/her/it. (Want to guess how many times our heroes are led astray?)

Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.

Myth Adventures: Book 12

Robert Lynn Asprin

Revolution is in the air. The king's court sorcerer is being eyed with suspicion. Not for dabbling in the black arts... not for consorting with a demon... not for having a dragon as a pet... not even for being mobbed up. But for the greatest crime of all: raising taxes.

Who is this terrible tyrant? None other than Skeeve the Great.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

Myth-Told Tales

Myth Adventures: Book 13

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

There are no tales like... Myth-Told Tales

It's a nightmare when master magician Skeeve and Aahz the Pervect fall into Dreamland...

Massha gets married with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blew...up.

Bunny turns to Skeeve for help when an inter-dimensional beauty contest turns ugly.

Reality shows were never quite like this. Eligible bachelors vie to win Princess Gloriannamarjolie's hand-if not her heart...

Join Skeeve, Aahz, Massha, Tananda, Bunny, Gleep, the Fairy Godfather, and random myth-ical creatures in eight stories that span the manic MYTH universe. Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye have compiled their favorite tales-and concocted some new ones-for this hilarious collection of myth-adventures...


Myth Adventures: Book 14

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

When the sheepish Wuhses are taken advantage of by the overbearing Pervects, Skeeve teams up with Zol Icty--self-help expert and bestselling author of Imps Are from Imper, Deveels Are from Deva--on a mythion in personal empowerment.

Myth-Taken Identity

Myth Adventures: Book 15

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

Aahz gets an unwelcome visit from two blue-skinned bruisers and a small magician wanting Skeeve to cough up the dough for an extremely large bill that he skipped out on. Knowing that Skeeve has many faults, but welshing on a debt is not one of them, he enlists the aid of Chumley and Massha to go with him to the last place any self respecting Pervert would ever visit... the mall!

Once there, they discover that the mall rats have created a scheme to steal customers' credit cards. Realizing that Skeeve is a victim of identity theft they set our to set matters right and to clear their friend's name...

Class Dis-Mythed

Myth Adventures: Book 16

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

After years as a court magician and inter-dimensional hero, Skeeve needed a rest. So he took some time off to study magic and relax. When a few months later several members of the M.Y.T.H. Inc. Team each ask him to train some talented, young magicians in "practical magic" he has to agree. But after the assassins attack and a manticore tries to eat them, the Khlad mage soon discovers that there is more going on than learning. His students are preparing for a very deadly magical game and you won't believe where. Worse yet, the game may be fixed, and the only way to save his students lives is for Skeeve to risk his own.

Myth-Gotten Gains

Myth Adventures: Book 17

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

Aahz discovers that the shabby-looking sword he bought at a flea market in a remote dimension is Ersatz, leader of the Golden Hoard, a fabled collection of powerful magical treasures that can turn any ordinary being into a hero. They go in search of the other members of the Hoard, only to find that they're not the only ones looking. A dancer named Calypsa, working with Aahz's old friend Tananda, is seeking to collect them to free her grandfather from the dreaded wizard Barrik. Trouble is, everyone wants the treasures for themselves, and there are good reasons why the Golden Hoard is never all in the same dimension at one time.


Myth Adventures: Book 18

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

Skeeve has decided, at long last, to come out of his self-imposed retirement and get back into the problem-solving biz. He confidently expected walk in and take his rightful place as the head of M.Y.T.H., Inc. He didn't expect to have to face off against Aahz for the job. With their friends lending help but showing no favorites, they start a not-so-friendly contest to see who will run the company by taking opposite sides of the next case to walk in the door. Will the legendary partnership survive the battle, or will this be the end of a beautiful friendship?


Myth Adventures: Book 19

Robert Lynn Asprin
Jody Lynn Nye

Aahz falls for a literal pyramid scheme, selling it stone by stone as a burial site, while claiming the coveted pointed stone top for himself. But Skeeve wants to be know why the construction site is having so many accidents-before both he and Aahz end up in the afterlife before their time...

Robert Asprin's Myth-Quoted

Myth Adventures: Book 20

Jody Lynn Nye


Since it was founded, M.Y.T.H. Inc. has dealt with all manner of vile and evil creatures. But not even a magician of Skeeve's caliber is prepared to face the most duplicitous monsters of all: politicians. Emo Weavil and his cousin Wilmer Weavil-Scuttil have been running for governor of the island of Bokromi--for five years. Their magickal mudslinging (literal and otherwise) strategies continue to postpone the election leaving the realm in a state of leaderless chaos.

Hired to moderate a fair and balanced race between the candidates, Skeeve and Bunny attempt to clean up the dirty politics, only to become targets of the tabloids and paparazzi, who are more interested in innuendo than the facts...

Robert Asprin's Myth-Fits

Myth Adventures: Book 21

Jody Lynn Nye

Business is slow for M.Y.T.H., Inc., and its president, Bunny, is getting nervous that the company might not meet its quarterly goal. So when a job comes in that's worth an absurd amount of gold--and also happens to take them to Winslow, the most luxurious vacation resort in any dimension--the team jumps at the opportunity to recoup some cash and maybe catch some R&R.

Only, magician Skeeve has an unsettling feeling that this mission might be trickier than it seems. Someone in Winslow is messing with the magic lines and working hard to ensure that the M.Y.T.H. crew gets nowhere near the powerful relic that they've been hired to find. And as the mysterious manipulation turns deadly, Skeeve, Bunny, Aahz, and the rest of their partners find themselves in a race not only to finish the job but also to escape paradise alive...