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Little Myth Marker

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Little Myth Marker

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Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
Publisher: Ace Books, 1987
Starblaze, 1985
Series: Myth Adventures: Book 6
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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A Friendly Game...

It was just an innocent game of dragon poker. But soon Ogres were high, unicorns wild, and the pot was half a million!

Skeeve bluffs his way into a high-stakes game of dragon poker-and wins! But now he's left with Markie, a pint-sized IOU left by a player who went broke. She conjures up a house full of trouble every time she tries to cast a spell. And now the dragon poker champion has challenged Skeeve to a game-with a pot of half a million.



Skeeve, magician extraordinaire, and his apprentice Massha were sauntering their way through the Bazaar at Diva. Markie, the little girl a gambler has left with Skeeve as a "marker" after a game of dragon poker, was in a nearby tent, trying on some clothes with Bunny, another female member of Skeeve's retinue.

"Hasn't Markie been well-behaved?" Skeeve asked Massha. "She said she was in the third grade of Elementary School, even though she calls it Elemental School..."

"ELEMENTAL SCHOOL!" Massha gasped in horror. "We've got to get her back home... QUICK!"

Just then, Markie was kicked out of the tent by its owner. Markie stared at the tent--and suddenly dozens of booths were destroyed by a powerful wind.

"Markie blew her cork and summoned up an air elemental, like you learn to do at Elemental School," Massha said grimly ...

Copyright © 1985 by Robert Lynn Asprin


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